Your computer attempted to communicate with a potentially malicious website. This communication attempt was blocked by Virginia Tech IT Security restricted DNS. If you feel this is a legitimate website, please request an exception or email the information below to itso@vt.edu.

Your VT PID Required
Date Mon Oct 22, 2018 2:24:24 AM
Your IP
Website dns-block.iso.vt.edu

Restricted DNS is a security service provided by the Virginia Tech IT Security Office and Virginia Tech Network Infrastructure and Services. To use this service, please configure your client computers to use these restricted DNS servers. Only computers with a Virginia Tech IP address may use this service.

  • - 2001:468:c80:6101:0:163:ffa5:554c
  •  - 2001:468:c80:4101:0:185:da61:5c6c
  •  - 2001:468:c80:2101:0:1e6:300f:251a